Wednesday, February 9

Baby Isaac is Born

What a wild weekend we had as a family. Between Heidi's coast retreat with a few other mothers with young children, to our Youth group mud football game, we had an addition to the family.

It was about the middle of the 3rd quarter of the Superbowl. Tom Brady had just broken the 7-7 tie for good, and Baby Isaac was born. To think he was born on the same day that the Patriots became a dynasty (not that I care, go BRONCOS).

Everyone is so excited. All of the kids can't wait to go and see him and he is definately cute. He was born 7lbs and 14 oz and was about 21 inches long. That's kind of tall I think. We are really excited to have him, our first nephew and first cousin.

On a side note, this weekend Aaron John continued to chalk up the battle scars. Apperantly he took a header and grandma and grandpa Bay's house. He skidded across the pavement and landed in the mud, a perfect 10! Though his scratches bled, he was far more concerned with conquering the steps!

We love you all.


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