Sunday, February 13

Birthday Girls

Friday was a fun day for our family. Alex had a day off from school because of Parent Teacher Conferences and it was Heidi's BIRTHDAY! Alex has done such a wonderful job in school, all of his teachers agree that he is so well behaved and a pleasure to have in class. He also has caught up on all of his homework! So, to celebrate both occasions, the whole family went to the Pooh Heffalump movie.

I will be honest, everyone except Aaron John loved the movie. The girls now run around the house playing Heffulump and Heffelump's mommy and everyone is doing elephant noises, including Aaron John.

After the movie we all went to Carl and Heather's house to continue the celebration and see the baby Isaac. Everyone got to hold the little one and we celebrated wtih KFC and Cake and Ice Cream. It doesn't get much better than that does it! Hope you enjoy the pictures from our fun day out.

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