Wednesday, February 16

How To Play Candy Land

One of the many great joys in life is introducing new and fun games to the kids. Alex got the game Phase 10 for Valentine's day. It's a pretty fun game between 2 people but I'll bet it is a lot more fun with more. Now, the idea in this game is to complete 10 phases over the course of the game. You start with 10 cards, complete the phase, move on the next phase. You can only move on though if you complete phase. If you fail, you start over with the incomplete phase while your opponent moves on to the next phase. So, Alex and I sat down to play the game. We played a couple of hands and he was staying up with me pretty well, completing the phases. At the end of one of the hands I tried to help him understand what a run of 4 is. I also noticed he had quite an abundance of cards, like 20, all layed out nicely behind the couch so I couldn't see them. Apperently after drawing a card, he wouldn't always discard one from his hand. It was no problem for him to complete these phases, he had enough cards to complete any phase.

The girls also recieved the game Candy Land for Christmas. Every once in while, the girls pull it out to play. Karley basically understands that when you draw a card with a color on it, you move to the closest color along the trail. Two colors on the card and you go two color spots. You move along the board until you come to the end of the candy land trail. Well, Cedar understands colors. She just doesn't understand the board. The trail means nothing to her. She just lands on the first purple she sees, which is generally in the middle of the trail. It may sound like she's cheating, but it evens out. She never leaves the middle of the board. When Karley wins, Cedar usually cheers for joy. "Good job Karley!" Cedar will say, "I only got to here."

Aaron John, well, he plays Dominos. Stacks them 3 high and crashes them before your eyes. He's gonna be a demolition man.


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