Sunday, February 13

Valentine Banquet

One of the awesome things about our family is that we are always on the go. There is always something going on. It's a lot of fun but it definately can be tiring. This weekend was no exception. After spending the day at a movie and then the evening with the Simpson's, we were all pretty bushed. Then came Saturday. The Earlywine's also love routine. So, after getting up early for Basketball (7-9am), we had a chance to lounge around all day before our valentine banquet. It was a wonderful banquet at that.

There is nothing better than good BBQ. I love BBQ. Grandpa John makes the best BBQ sauce, I tasted the second best this Saturday at the banquet. BIG STUFF BBQ catered our annual dinner, and they did a fine job. If pooh loves honey, I love BBQ. The only thing better than BBQ is really good Mexican. Anyway, what a wonderful evening.

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