Thursday, March 3

A Call to Pray

This is an e-mail I received about my good friend Cory in Boise, ID. He has been fighting brain cancer for over 2 years. This is from his wife Kate. They have a daughter Langely and can definetly use our prayers. If you would like to help with more than just prayers, please check out the website at the bottom of this e-mail. It is a benefit concert held in Boise for Cory and his family. Thank you all so much. - aaron

A call for your prayers...

On Monday night, Cory got really cold, full body chills and went from a normal temp to 104.9 in 30 minutes. He got sick to his stomach and fully lost control of his left side. We took him to St. Luke's and he was admitted and is still there tonight. After chest x-rays, MRI, and lots more tests, they determined that he has pneumonia. His MRI showed no change from Feb 11, which is a good thing. He has slowly started to regain some of his left side functining as his fever has gone down. He is getting continuous IV fluids and antibiotics. They think he will be there for a few more days.

So, please pray for healing - Cory has had a rough time for the last few months with all the transfusions and now this. He was really looking forward to a break from needles as his counts were up last week, his veins need the rest. Pray that he will regain his strength and his appetite soon, and that he will get well.

For those of you in town, he is in room 480. We'll update you more later.

Thanks for your prayers!

the benefit website is up and running!

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