Monday, March 14

The Play Set

For Cedar's 2nd birthday she received an awesome gift from her grand parent's combined effort. They put in together and bought her the greatest play set a girl could ask for. In return she has let numbers upon numbers of kids play on it, including her little brother. The play set has been the source of hours of entertainment. Not only for the children, but also for us as we enjoy watching them play and worry over their new stunts.

Aaron John recently had a friend come over. Micah, the son of Mike, the pastor in our church, was recently over for some play time. Aaron really looks up to Micah and follows him everywhere, including up the stairs and down the slide. This has brought much stress into Heidi's life as she tries so hard to protect him from himself and the peer pressure of others. He climbs straight up the climbing wall, sits on the platform, yells for our approval, turns around and in one motion slides backward feet first down the slide and up on his feet he races to do it again.

The girls love the swing, they spin on those swings till there blue in the face. WEEEEEEEEEEE! Of course all of this action has killed the grass beneath each swing and they are beginning to carve out a hole beneath each swing, just wear I guess.

This summer will be hours upon hours of swinging and sliding entertainment and here are some pictures to prove it.


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