Monday, April 25

Camera Troubles

Well, wouldn't you know it. We had the most exciting Saturday in a long time and no Camera to prove it. Our poor little Diggy camera decided to take a permanent vacation. So for a while we will be unable to share pictures with you. The only pictures available will be word pictures, here are a few for you. . . .

So, Saturday Grandpa Tom came over to help put concrete in the back yard next to our deck, in place of the existing mud pit. Heidi and Alex came out to help. They ran the mixer and filled the wheel barrows. I was the lucky wheeler and Tom layed the concrete into place and worked on leveling it. Everything was going as planned. It took us less than an hour to put wheel a little over a yard of concrete and everything seemed to be coming together. Then, the unthinkable happened. Rain and lots of it. We were barely able to save the concrete, covering it with some tarps and Tom worked very very very hard to save it. Fortunately for us, it was saved and it is in place. The concrete will probably take a couple extra days (or weeks) to dry but it is in place and it is very very nice to have. I wish I could show you pictures of it, they would definately be worth it.

Also, Alex graduated from White belt to Orange belt. He had a chance to test on Saturday for his belt and received it on the same day. He has worked very hard to get is form and one steps down and now he gets to learn a bunch more. Taekwondo has been very good for Alex and we are looking forward to more growth in him because of it. We retired his white belt for good and hung it on his wall.

Heidi is working hard at putting in her first garden. She is in the process of preparing the soil for it and looking forward to planting some vegies. Aaron John, Cedar and Karley did there best to make this garden a challenge for her on Friday as she began her hard work. Karley and Cedar contributed by carrying dirt from one side of the yard to the other and Aaron John kept a close eye on Heidi and tried to dig up everything she had already planted. What a fun, sunny day we had and what a helpful crew we are raising.

Those are all the pictures I have time to post for now, hope you enjoy them.


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me-agianagain said...

good job alex (go alex go) next thing you know he will be a black belt