Wednesday, July 6

An Earlywine Update

Updating and editing this blog has become quite a challenge. We have had a non-stop summer and there seems to be no end to the business in sight but truthfully, we kind of like it that way. Heidi is working hard giving the children home schooling during the summer and between camps and keeping track of my intern life for me has been really busy too. There is so much to do and so much already done we just keep on rockin' on!

We have learned so much with such a big family, if you are ever considering a big family, here is some advise for you. . . .
  1. Don't travel. This is especially hard with young ones, not because they are bad to travel with but because you have to take so much stuff with them. This may just be a bi-product of my generation, maybe there was a simpler time, but even for a day trip it seems we pack the bedrooms of our children into the van. From toys, to play pins, to kitchen sinks, lets just stay home thank you.
  2. Clutter, dirt and messiness follow boys and yes girls too! I have given up on the idea of cleanliness and its okay. About once a day, the whole house is picked up, vaccumed and cleaned, minutes later you can't tell. (Of course I can only imagine the chaos we would live in had it not been cleaned once during the day.) Boys attract mud and girls follow the boys into it and Aaron John prefers to be sticky and dirty, except for his hands. Everyone gets a bath once a day! Did you hear me EVERYONE gets a bath once a day! It's just easier that way, oh yeah and better smelling.
  3. God blesses! I must say, financially most days I'm not sure if our ends are going to meet. We go through too much food, too many clothes and oh yeah, way too much cleaning supplies. More things are broken and there is always something that will make our lives better if we only spend a couple more dollars. Yet, the Lord has blessed us beyond what we have ever imagine, from the financial gifts of people on the other side of the country to the love and support of everyone who calls, God truly blesses.

We are truly thankful for everyone's love and support and we are also pleased to have such a warm family. It is more difficult for us to get around and we appreciate all the visits and all of those who just call to say "Howdy." Getting out and about has not been easy and to honest with you, the structure of being home makes our lives a lot more sane. Less whining less crying and much less grumpiness happens when we are able to just stay home. It's a little house and we are cramed but we love it.

And when I say God blesses, he does, through loving and caring people like those who take a second to show us their love and support. From gas cards, to encouraging phone calls thank you all so much. It has not been easy, but we firmly believe that we are doing the right thing and we will continue to do what we believe is the right thing and I pray that you will also continue your love and support.


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