Friday, July 8

The House Projects Continue

Well, it has been a while since we finished the deck and all of the concrete around it. So, we figured it was time to rip something else apart. Grandpa came over and the Laundry room wall came tumbling down. There was a lot of dry rot problems in that wall and this is really the first step in painting the house. The whole wall from the laundry room to the storage room will be ripped out, we will put up a couple of new doors and all new siding in.

It is amazing what is not standing in the laundry room, the wall just crumbled when we opened it. How crazy. We took some time, poored a little stem wall and next week sometime, the new wall will go up and our laundry room will take on a whole new look.

Here are some pictures from our experience today with the wall. How fun, huh?


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Mike Twite said...

Looking good buddy! And I'm glad AJ could help. I'm sure you are too!

I built a family blog last night. I even gave you a link to yours. its