Monday, August 22

What a Wild Summer

I must say, this summer has been the most wild summer that I have ever had. From kids to camps to house projects I have done it all! From June until now, I have done 3 camps and 1 conference and I have redone a laundry room to make room for our next little one. Our kids are growing leaps and bounds. Aaron John has turned into a terror, he will destroy anything he puts his mind to and constantly jibber jabbers day in and day out. Cedar has gotten a little mind of her own and she thinks she runs this house (she just might.) She has been doing gymnastics on her bed and when it comes to cleaning up, "I just don't want to mama." She almost sounds like a high schooler. Karley is working harder and harder everyday on her speech. She has come such a long way. I remember when she first joined our family Aaron John's name was pronounced Aaron Hon and lately she has been working hard on her K and J sounds and says his name Aaron John. She can now also say her name really well too. She plays and plays and plays which is so fun to see and she has turned into quite a very active girl. Alex has been learning so much this summer, not just about reading or writing, but also about God. He has been to two summer camps this year and is excited about learning and learning so much more. He has been practicing on that skateboard and helping me with the remodeling projects. Together, we poured about 20 bags of pre-mix cement. What a trooper.

Heidi is feeling very very ready to have our next child this fall. She feels like a human play pin as this next little munchkin continues to grow and become more and more active. We are all so very excited about having a another little one join our ever growing family.

Hope all is well with everyone else. I love you all.


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