Wednesday, October 12

The Family meets the Baby

Well, it is day 3 here in the hospital and Abigail is looking strong and beautiful. The rest of the family came up to say hello yesterday and this morning and what joy we was brought to this wing of the hospital, well for us. As for babies being born and mother’s giving birth, I’m not so sure our children were such a joy for them.

Last night I gave Heidi and the baby a break from me, I went out to eat and then caught a dollar movie at the theatre. I then slept from 11pm to 10am, what amazing sleep. Heidi also had some pretty good sleep as well. Abigail has been sleeping wonderfully as well, we thought our other 2 babies were calm, Abby takes the cake. Of course, she will have to be calm with all of those crazy brothers and sisters she has.

Heidi has been recovering well from the surgery, we took a family walk this morning and she did quit well. In some ways I think we are all anxious to get home tomorrow and I am sure we are going to enjoy all the visits we are anticipating. So, enjoy the pictures we will do our best to keep them coming.


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bryan said...

Congratulations! three kids. I have 2 daugters which are the joy of my to my wife, of course.