Tuesday, October 11

The Newest Member of our Family

Abigail Hope was born on October 10th 2005. She came into this world weighing 7 lbs and 1 oz. By now she has dropped a little of that weight, but who can blame her, hospital food. Her entrance into this world wasn’t exactly how we envisioned it, but she is here and it’s a little hard to complain about that. A C-section is awefully difficult for a mother who has had two natural births but it was most definitely necessary. Abby’s placenta was becoming detached and her cord was in all of the wrong places, so it was very important that she come out a different way.

They prepared us and we went in. From the shot, till Heidi was sewn up, it only took about half an hour, how amazing. So, now we sit, Momma and baby sleeping side by side sharing a bed and sharing warmth. How absolutely gorgeous Abigail is, her perfectly pink body and her dark red hair. It will only be a few hours till her brothers and sisters arrive to meet the newest and littlest member of our growing family.

Heidi had a dula this time, for those of you who are unaware, as was I, a dula is a support person for Heidi and the baby. Carrie, the dula, brought wonderful calming techniques and was able to communicate with the nurses and ask the questions we wanted to ask without us having to change our focus. We were very thankful to have her and appreciated her support throughout everything.

So, I hope you enjoy meeting Abby as much as we have and I know that she has and will be an awesome part of our family.


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