Tuesday, December 20

A December Update

Well, the winter is upon us and the unusually cold weather has been a shock to the whole system. Five kids in a 900 sq. ft. house can be quite the challenge. Running the home gets pretty stressful for Heidi this time of year. We are pretty much prepared for another exciting Christmas this year (I of course still need to finish my shopping). We had fun going out to chop down our very own Christmas tree and the girls had a chance to visit Santa. Of course Santa told the girls that I ate all of his cookies last year.

Alex and I are going to see the movie Narnia tomorrow. I am excited to see the awesome symbols C.S. Lewis put into the story. Tomorrow is also the day to cook. The kids, with momma's help of course, are going to back all sorts of goodies for friends and family.

It has also been fun to see so many of the youth that have been off at school, or living their lives some place else, return to visit. Overall this has been a wonderful Christmas break for all.


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