Tuesday, January 31

Super Bowl

Well, many people in my position would consider boycotting this years Super Bowl, or resorting to childish behavior, like calling it the Stupid Bowl, or something like that. No, this Bronco fan is not resorting to such childish behavior. Yes, the last couple of weeks has been hard, but I will not pout or resort to name calling. I will however express my opinion, without Denver this is going to be waste of football viewing. There you go. I wonder if the Broncos are trying to pour salt into the wounds of its fans though, by starting talks with Terrel Owens. Yeah, that guy has fit in wherever he goes, good idea Denver. Anyway here is my take on the Super Bowl. . .

I have to be honest, both teams are really evenly matched. From strong running games tough defenses, this is going to be an awesome game. Ironically both teams have won thier playoff games utilizing the strong arms of their quarterbacks and I would have to give the nod to the Seahawks on this one (as much as it pains me). Yet defensively I must give it to the Steelers.

I actually expect a rather high scoring game compared to the resumes of these defenses and I also expect a close game. I think both teams will play relatively mistake free but in the end my pick is for the Bus to take it home, Pitt. 34 Sea. 31.

PS. It's not cause I hate the Seahawks. But Pitt beat the two best teams in the NFL to get here. . . . .

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