Wednesday, January 18

An update for all of you

Wow! It is hard to believe that it has been Christmas since this site has been updated, so take a deep breath with me and lets try to review the crazy things that have been going on and of course I will have some pictures to post once I'm done. So. . . . . .

Christmas was wonderful. It was pretty unusual to have Christmas fall on a Sunday. In fact, this had to be the first Sunday with Christmas for me as a pastor. It made for a pretty hectic day but I must say that I was very awesome to worship my the birth of my savior at the church with other believers. Prior to church we opened presents here at the house and we had some gifts for each of the children from a real life Santa. A family from the Portland area closely associated with our church picked our family to bless this year. It was an incredible gift and truly is a picture of the real meaning of Christmas. I only hope that we can be a blessing to a family in need some day and I look forward to the day that we can be Jesus to someone else.

After having such a wonderful Christmas morning we went to church and immediately left for Christmas dinner and more gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Bay's house. Then after more than we deserve we went to Grandma and Grandpa Loghry's house. There Alex and Karley had a chance to get some awesome gifts and to even see there mother. On our way back to Cottage Grove, we stopped by and saw Frosty, (Great Grandpa Loghry) who had recently fallen and hurt himself.

I have taken on a new hobby, making family movies and DVD's. For those of you who have recieved one, I hope they are a blessing to you. If you haven't gotten one, we have a few left over and I would love to send them out. I also got a new program which allows me to make bigger better and more fun DVD's and I hope we are able to do the same thing next year. We have so much fun as a family and everyday is new adventure.

We have some fun writing down some of what the kids have said, I hope you like these one liners from our kids as much as we have. Most of the quotes we get are from Cedar, which isn't really that strange if you know her, never afraid to speak her mind, nor is she concerned with who is around to hear.

Watching football Saturday afternoon Cedar says, "I love Monday Night Parties." Of course, she's talking about Monday Night Football.

Dad: "What does your letter to Santa say?"
Cedar: "I love toys!" she says, throwing her note to santa out the front door.

Karley had just spilled water and was cleaning it up, "I look like Cinderella, huh?"

Cedar: "My boobs hurt"
Mom: "Why"
Cedar: "I was feeding my baby!"

Mom: "What do you want to be when you grow up Karley"
Karley: "I want to be a doctor."
Cedar: "I want to be the sick girl."

So, as you can see there is never a dull moment in our house. This New Year was an awesome day of football and fun. Nebraska won! Hard to believe but it's true. Now I can't say that much for BSU and Oregon, but both games were really good games. And to think Denver has made it to the AFC Championship game puts the icing on the cake. Only a month into the new year and football has been a blast to watch. Only March Madness could top this!

I have just gotten back from the first of two Winter Camps and I have to tell you, we are looking forward to summer already. The crazy amount of rain that we have gotten here in the North West has caused a lot of extra water laying around. Streets, golf courses and a lot of land has been saturated with water. Rivers are flowing over and the rain just never stops. It's amazing to think about the disaster this area would be in if it wasn't for the culverts and the dams to slow the water up stream. I am sick of the water!

Well, Alex has started basketball and his team is on a roll. They have won both of their games and are by far the highest scoring team in the league. Alex is a defensive force in the middle and he crashes the boards like a pro! He loves basketball in fact, the other day after practice he said, "Dad, I think basketball is my sport. Soccer's fun, but I'm really good at basketball." Out of the way Micheal Jordan, here comes Alex!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, sorry it has been so long since an update. Hope you have enjoyed our family as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.


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