Wednesday, February 22

Hello From Idaho

Well, we have made it back to Idaho. The trip was a very cold and uneventful trip, which is the way I prefer it. The kids slept mostly through the night, we had an awake period at about 2 am when we stopped at Burns for some fuel and a little leg streching. It was a pretty funny time, AJ was so excited about what was going on, he sang "mommy, mommy, maaaaaama. . . " for about 15min and then proceeded to tell us about Grandpa John's big TRUCK! What a funny kid.

We then arrived in Boise, just in time. Less than 6 hours after our arrival, the altinator on the van went out. It has been quite the adventure as we have had to truck everyone around in two vehicles as we wait for the part to come in Portland. Had I known they were shipping it from there I would have picked it up on our way. We are really looking forward to having our wheels back.

Tonight my cousin Eric is performing at a local high school, we are going to go take in some wonderful music. We have plans to visit a lot of family and friends over the next couple of days.


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