Wednesday, March 1

Back From Idaho

Back from Idaho

We have been gone for the last six days in Idaho and we are back in the wet home of Oregon. We had an awesome time with friends and family (as I am sure you have seen the pictures) but we were definitely happy to sleep in our own homes. We returned to new to us kitchen cupboards. Good friends of ours, Ash and Casey Carlson spent the week sanding and painting our kitchen cupboards and you should see how crisp and clean they look.

Grandma and Grandpa were sure sad to see us leave, yet I could sense a sigh in their voices, as if to say, “finally some rest. . .” It is awfully hard to follow around 5 young children, especially at the Y in the swimming pool, huh papa John? Aaron John loved riding around in Grandpa’s truck and Cedar and Karley were enthralled by the Grandma book they got to read with Grandma every night.

We were blessed to be able to visit a couple of different church’s on Sunday too. We visited Cherry Lane Christian on Sunday morning and Evergreen Christian on Sunday night. We also were able to be a part of our old small group at the Driver’s. Both church’s were awesome and we felt more than blessed to be a part of Evergreen’s one year anniversary celebration. What a wonderful potluck!!!!!

The most exciting thing we were a part of was the bringing together of all of the great grand babies of the Buskirk’s. Mackenzie, November; Abigail, October; Paige, August; Ava, July were just the baby girl’s born this year! We felt much like the paparazzi as everyone had there cameras and video cameras going at the same time! How fun!

We always love our visits to Idaho and can’t wait for our next trip somewhere down the road. We had an uneventful trip back, though two hours after we passed over the Willamette pass, it snowed 6in. with 2in snow pack on the roads, with more to come this week! God really watched out for us!


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