Monday, April 10

Turn Turn Turn

Well, it has been quite the month for us and as the time moves on, the busier it seems to get. Heidi's parents were up on Saturday the 8th to put in a pantry in our kitchen. It is in the corner of our kitchen where we have actually had dead unused space (hard to believe that's possible in a 900sq ft. house). It looks wonderful and we are still in the process of finishing it but it is going to be awesome!!!!!!

I also have some really good news about my knee. It looks like I will not need sugery! I met with the surgeon and he was really impressed with the strength of my knee and told me that I should take the next couple of months to try and strengthen the knee more and then I will be able to avoid surgery. I meet with him again in May but I took my knee on a trial run this weekend on the basketball court and it swelled a little, but there was no pain!

Alex has been doing awesome at baseball! He should be starting games soon and when we get a schedule I promise I will post it so everyone will know. He will be starting at first base when the season begins. He has proven himself to be one of the best gloves on the team, he is doing awesome!

The rest of our children are doing great as well, Karely, Cedar, Aaron John and Abigail just keep on growing like weeds and are so adventurous it is amazing. These kids have been diggin deep holes in our back yard, trying to reach China! Sure its cute, but you should see the mud in the backyard.

For those of you who haven't heard through the grape vine or any other possible sources out there, I have taken on the interim pastorship at the church here in Cottage Grove. What that means is that as the church decides what is going to want and need in the next pastor and if that sounds like me, then I will probably apply. It has actually been quite the process to see what a church goes through to hire a minister.

We have actually been doing some pretty fun and interesting things at the church. We recently gave the outside of the building a makeover. About 30 people came out and dug up weeds and planted flowers and cut down branches and replanted trees. The building on the inside got a lot of work done on it too! We took about 5 truck loads of stuff off of the property. It was awesome. We also made 600 door hanger flyers to advertise our Easter services and they were all passed out this weekend by people within our church! We are looking forward to an awesome Easter Sunday. If you are in the area come check us out.

Well, that's all I have time for know. See you around!

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