Monday, October 30

Aaron Turns 30

I have no choice but to admit it. I am a big enough boy now, not lie. I was completely surprised. I did not see it coming. Thrusday, October 26th, in front of 60 or so people from our church and other friends I was surprised. It went down about like this:

I had been invited to dinner with the McCormicks for a family get together at the local pizza joint in town. No big deal, I had worship practice at 5pm, I would meet up with the family and everyone at 6pm at the pizza place. Maybe I should have caught on when I offered to pick my family up on the way, but my wife was very clear that I could just meet her there. My truck was unavailable, so my Youth Minister offered to give me a ride. Maybe I should have caught on at worship practice as the practice seemed to drag on, I thought about going early to get our pizza order in, you know, so we would have pizza when the family arrived. Where was my ride? Why are we talking about harmonica's. Finally the ride came. Maybe I should have noticed when I pulled into the pizza place on a Thursday, crammed parking lot. I did recognize some cars, maybe I'm the only one who doesn't know that Thursday is pizza day. A sign on the door, "Happy Birthday." That couldn't be me, I would have heard about my party. Sure enough though, "SUPRISE." You got me.

So, what a blessing, what a fun time. Thanks to all who were in on it. You got me.

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