Monday, October 9

Our life. . . . .

It has been a while since we have last blogged. Maybe that’s cause nothing has happened. Na! Too much has happened, I’m sitting here late at night taking deep breathes and I hope I don’t miss anything, because the last few months have been a blur.

Alex and Karley are in school and everything seems to be going very well. Alex has moved into the regular class room for much of his math, which is a testament to his hard work over the summer to get caught up in math. His teacher and principal, Mr. Bascue, was telling me a story the other day about his math. He says that when most children race through their math and finish first he is not very confident in their work, so when Alex showed up at his desk first, he expected Alex to have many mistakes on his paper, but he only found one mistake in his work. Great job Alex!

Karley is settling into school and enjoys everyday. She is learning lots of new words and is even learning to add and subtract. She comes home everyday excited about the homework she gets to do. She has a great attitude and her favorite part of the day is recess. I get a chance every Thursday during Library time to read the first graders a story. What a blast!

Cedar is being home schooled and is very upset that we have not taught her how to read yet. She had a book and was looking at it the other day. I asked her if she was reading, she responded, rather concerned, “No, you haven’t taught me how to yet.” Ooops, we’ll work on that.

Aaron John is getting more and more verbal. He is two, but attempts to carry on conversations like an adult. The truth is, most of the time he is having a great conversation, I just can’t understand him. So, to keep the conversation going I try to repeat key phrases he has said in hopes it will keep him going. It usually works, but I think he is catching on. He shoots me some pretty evil looks when I’m wrong, like I’m not paying attention or something.

Abby turns one tomorrow. We are all very excited for her. She has taken a liking to turning everything into a telephone. I mean everything. TV controls, army men, forks, and her bare hand. As far as she is concerned, communication only happens on the phone. I’m not exactly sure where she gets that idea.

We are really excited about moving into a new house as well. Let me try to break down the timeline so we are all on the same page. About 6 months ago I was offered the position as Senior Minister at the church. We took the position as began preparing our house for a sale. We weighed our options and look into a couple different avenues, then we visited a house located across the street from a family we knew. They took us over, introduced to the family and we took a look at the house, and liked it.

The next day we were back in the house with our realtor Paula, we liked, so we put an offer down on the house. The next day we put our house on the market and it sold in 30 hours. Awesome! There have been a couple details to work out over the last month, but it looks as though we will finally be signing papers on the new house this week. Last week we officially closed on this house and we are hoping everything comes together with the other house. Truth be known, our next house has about twice the floor space as this one, and we are all feeling Closter phobic in our current house.

So, there you have it, a brief description of the crazy life we live hopefully you will understand why we haven’t blogged in a while, and why we may not blog again for some time. So, we will see you in our new home, you will love it, trust me.


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