Tuesday, February 13

Dancing On Ice

It has almost been a month now since our dance on ice. On our way back from Boise, ID on Jan. 22nd, we hit a slick spot on the road that sent our van reeling into a snow bank. Everyone was fine, our air bags did not even deploy but what a crazy and wild ride it was. Just this week we will be getting our van back from the body shop and we will be happy to have that van back.

We are blessed to be a part of God's church. One of the members of our fellowship had recently purchased a 2007 minivan that they hadn't traded-in any vehicles on, and they have let us use their van for almost a month now. Also, at the scene of the wreck we were able to call some other friends of ours in the church to come and pick us up, they hauled Heidi and the kids away while I followed in the wrecked van. Not only that, but the tow company worked for a at least an hour to get our van in shape to make the treck home.

Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining in the midst of such craziness, but, we feel blessed, cared for and overwhelmed by God's gracious hand.


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