Friday, August 24

New Sliding Glass Door and Flooring

Today I ran into quite the deal. We ran into this wonderful store, AAA Interiors, which is NOT going out of business, but is rather condensing their store. Some incredible deals were being made and we just happened to make the best of a couple of their deals. New flooring and a new sliding glass door for the family room.

So, here are the remodel plans for the house. Now that Art is gone, we are going to convert the room he was living in into the play room for the kiddos, and where the toys were, in behind the family room, will become the class room for the kids. Just the other day I removed the harth from that spot with a sludge hammer. AJ was so into the sludge hammer thing he said, "We're going to tear down the whole house next!" Not true.

When the class room is empty, we are going to tear that room down to its studs and prepare it to become the laundry room. It is located just above the upstairs bathroom and will provide a laundry shoot and next to a bathroom for water access and a drain. The most difficult thing will be getting the power over to that end. That's what father in law's are for.

From their, we will be redoing the family room, the kitchen, conecting the two together and maybe by the time Alex is out of the house, we will have it all done. That has been the joke around the house. I speak of great plans for something and Alex, "When do you think that will be done?" "When your off at college." I respond. I hope it's not true.

Well, in short there are the plans for our house. Enjoy.


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