Monday, November 26


We had a very awesome Thanksgiving weekend. We spent Thanksgiving morning at Grandma and Grandpa George and Debbie's. From their we had an awesome time at Grandma and Grandpa Bay's, where we got see the antler's of cousin Kevin's HUGE Elk. In fact, Grandma, if you have those pictures, let me have them so I can post them. The rack was wider than Cedar is tall, it made for an awesome picture. We spent the day watching football and enjoying one another's company. It was very special.

On Friday, we had a Thanksgiving feast of our own. There is something to be said for hosting Thanksgiving at your own home. We had a some friends from Cottage Grove and Boise over and we enjoyed some great food and company that took us into Friday Night. Aaron cooked the turkey and Heidi made a lavish spread, from stuffing, to apple cobbler, we had it all.

We hope you also had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures from our time together.

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