Tuesday, January 29

Trail Blazer's B-ball

There is story behind the next bunch of pictures. This Christmas Alex received a Christmas gift from us, tickets to the Trail Blazers vs the Houston Rockets. We were planning on going with a bunch of people from the church and enjoy the game together. A couple of days after Christmas I was informed that since the Blazers had won 12 straight games, there were no available tickets to the game. Heidi reminded me that I should get tickets to another game before I break the news to Alex.

Well, like any well meaning dad I totally forgot. Last Tuesday Alex came to me and asked what the day was, "It's the 23rd," I told him. "Yeah, only 2 more days till we go to the Blazers!" You can imagine the sinking feeling in my chest, it only got worse as I looked up the available seats for the Rockets Game. None available. I then looked up some tickets to bid on, someone's season tickets.

As I began looking to bid I thought a great game to make it to would be the March 3rd game against the Suns. There were some tickets starting at $5,000, courtside. I asked Alex if maybe he wanted to give up his college fund for the tickets, no go. Finally I bid on a couple tickets for the Rockets game. Sure, I probably paid way more than they were worth, but it was a blast and though the Blazers lost, Aaron Brookes had a great game!

Did I mention we were on the Jumbtron! 15min of fame.

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