Monday, April 7

More Desturbing News About Pluto

My world has been completely rocked. Not only did I find out this week that Pluto is not a planet, I have also learned what Pluto is, it is classified as a Dwarf Planet. If you ask me, that is just cold. It was once a planet, now it's a dwarf planet.

The brilliant minds at NASA have decided to make a new classification for space things like Pluto and Dwarf Planet was the best they could come up with huh? I'm not even sure if the word Dwarf is socially acceptable. Why not "Minor Planet", or "Little Planet", or a "little bit lesser planet"? This news was almost as devastating as hearing the new information about Global Warming, and how this frigid winter is nothing more than proof that Global Warming is here to stay, or that bit out the O-zone. Are aerosal cans still destroying our world? I give up. . . .poor little (dwarf) planet.


Grogal said...

See Please Here

O Bearded One said...

Poor NASA, seems they get blamed for anything to do with space.
See at this address:
Which contains, in part, "The hullabaloo that followed over Pluto's supposed demotion was soon denounced by the Paris-based International Astronomical Union (IAU), the organization that decides the classification of objects in the solar system, which promptly issued a statement confirming that Pluto will remain our ninth planet and that there was no such initiative to reclassify it as some lesser type of heavenly body"
This entire article in InfoPlease is quite interesting, plus it's knowledgeable.

Cory said...

At least Pluto find solace in the fact that there are two other "dwarf planets". I did not know about those.