Monday, September 22

Our Beautiful Garden

Here is our garden, it has been an amazing blessing for our family. It has been quite the learning lesson as well. We have watered, fertilized, made more room for growing plants. Many of the plants you see we did not even plant. We had over 12 tomato plants, and only 3 of them we had planted ourselves, the rest grew out of our compost pile, truly amazing. We have 9 pumpkins, including one HUGE one, it will be a great fall as we finish harvesting all of our plants.

What an incredible lesson these plants have been. The soil must be prepared, properly cared for before the plants can even have a chance to grow. As we have learned too, spacing is the key, each plant needs the right amount of sun and water. The smaller the plant, the more attention it needs. I can go on and on. What a great learning time.

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