Friday, November 28

A Day Off?

It has been a while, I am relaxing in my lounge seat enjoying a football game (Nebraska vs Colorado). Life in the last month has been wild, from school, to church, to ballet, to open gym with Alex, to blah blah blah, time like this is few and far between. So as I relax I will post some of the pictures the kids have taken and also update everyone with our lives.

Yesterday was Turkey Day! Happy Thanksgiving to all. I want all of you to know how much I love an appreciate your support over the years! I am thankful for my family as they change and grow, and I am thankful for ALL of the extended family that has extended further and further through the years. We are so blessed!

Alex has been getting ready for the basketball season, he has been going to an open gym with all of his buddies from the last couple of years. His arm is almost back to 100% from breaking it during the football season. He has been doing his exercises and it is getting stronger every day. Basketball will start about the end of January, he will be ready by then. One of the other things Alex has been doing is the piano, he is excelling at the ivory keys. He has been playing with both hands, reading notes, and keeping a great steady beat.

This winter we will be very busy with Karley, Cedar, AJ and Abi. All four of them are in the Nutcracker performance. Karley and Cedar will be performing at the Holt Center and all 4 of them will be a part of the performance here in Cottage Grove at the CG Theater. They are all little mice and have their dance down pat. They are soooooo excited! If you have not heard and would like to know the performance schedule, let me know.

I finished the update on the laundry room about a month and a half ago, I have a couple more irons in the fire. I was hoping to finish the lamanet flooring in the family room but I have had pinched nerve in my shoulder so I have been doing other odds and ends that requires less shoulder movement.

Christmas has already proven different this year, like many the belt has been tighter but many of our family traditions requires very little cost and we are finding other ways to have fun! I pray this Christmas Season will be blessed for you. Enjoy the pictures.

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Katie said...

Ah-HAH! I didnt' know you were a blogger! Well now I do.:)

So just thought I would let ya know the boys are all still alive and well.

I posted a little about it.

Happy Sunday!