Tuesday, November 11

I know, my camera phone is not the greatest, but it's all I have for right now, and Cedar Karley and Alex won't let me borrow theirs. I think they are afraid I'll break their camera too.

This is Friday night. Obviously a few weeks ago, because Alex's arm is in a cast in this picture and he has gotten rid of it as of Oct. 27th. On Friday's if the kids have all gotten pretty well caught up on their homework for the week, everyone gets an ice cream sundae! For some reason on Friday's the kids call me Mr. Brown and I take their orders for Sundae's. They get their pick of ice cream and toppings. It has been pretty funny because they all get the same kind of sundae, "EVERYTHING PLEASE!" Eat 'em up yum. And yes, Mr. Brown gets a sundae too!

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