Monday, December 15

Cottage Grove Snow Day

Now, this does not happen very often, but check out this snow.  We woke this morning to lots of this fine powder.  It was some good ole' Idaho snow, terrible for making snowballs until it begins to warm up.  Now, the Grove is not really prepared for a mess like this (and they say that more is coming), so the roads are terrible AND it's supposed to freeze again tonight!

Bright and early, about 8:30am the kids hit the snow, Alex hopped on his bike and snow plowed up and down the road, while the little one's found fun in snow angels and eating snow.  They cleaned off the cars, stompped through the powder and were ready for hot cocoa by 8:45!

As the snow melts and clumps I'm sure we will have a snow man or two created this evening and I hope to get some pictures of something like that.  As a home owner my first thoughts when I saw the snow were, "I need to winterize" and "I wish I would have mowed before the snow fell."  Yes, the grass is still green beneath the snow, and I WILL have to mow when it all melts off.


This snow is the best gift of the season so far!!

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