Tuesday, February 24

Karley and Her 9th Birthday

Happy Birthday Karley!  Karley turned 9 last week and we celebrated her birthday the way that she wanted it.  Karley made her list of invites, planned exactly what we were going to do; we had a room for necklaces, a room for playing dolls, and the outside for riding bikes and scooters, she was obviously in charge.

Karley's Birthday cake, a heart cake with pink M&M's

Karley opening gifts.

Karley with her friends savanah and Amanda.

Karley opening up gifts

At the party we decided to try something new, a money tree.  Karley has more toys than she needs and what a great way to teach saving, tithing and budgeting.  Karley recieved $99 and will be buying a couple things before it goes to the bank.  (I threw in an extra buck to bring her to an even $100)  

Birthday Kisses!


Heather said...

oh, i thought it was cool that it was 99 even on her 9th birthday!! happy birthday Karley!!

Aaron said...

Hmmmmm never thought of the significance of the 9. . .I'll take my dollar back.