Tuesday, June 16

Last Day of school is Coming

At the end of every school year the kids at ACE do projects, their end of the year character projects. They take the character traits that they have been learning all year long and do a project that reflects that trait. Resourcefulness, Diligence, sincerity, Initiative, Endurance, Dependability, just to name a few. They then make a display of how they showed character in one of these areas. Then at the end of the year they do a Character Fair. Here are the projects that the kids did.

AJ Made an Apple Cake
Character Trait: Obedience
AJ obeyed the directions and followed them well (with the help of his brother Alex)

Here is the completed Apple Cake, by the way, it was an incredible cake, AJ put in all the ingredients and measured each himself.

AJ is carefully putting the cake in the oven, after pre-heating it himself.
Here AJ is measuring the wheat to put into the cake.
Here AJ reads and follows the directions that are written out for him. He did a great job with his project!

Karley fed the cats of a friend of ours for 2 weeks
Character Trait: Dependability
Karley was dependable as she fed and watered the cat of some friends while they were on vacation. Each day, she would plan when to go, open the door herself and feed and water the cat.
Here Karley is getting into the back yard to feed the cats
Here is the cat, Karley has already fed the cat and is placing water by the food of the kitty. What a great worker!
On one of the days Karley noticed the newspaper advertisment in the yard and put it on the back porch, what a great job of being a helper.
Here is where the food was stored, each day she got food out of the box to fill the cats.

Cedar created a dance to show to others
Character Trait: Compassion
Cedar showed compassion to a few shut-in people by performing a dance she created herself. Cedar danced to care and love them.
Cedar danced for our friend Katie. Katie lives in an assited living home and loves whatever visitors she can get. What a treat it was.
Cedar dancing for Katie
Cedar takes her show on the road to the home of Glen and Lucille. Glen has cancer and has been very weak lately but he loved the dance!
Cedar dancing away!

Alex built a fort out of recycled wood from around the house
Character Trait: Resourcefullness
Alex was resourceful by using wood pieces from old projects and from a fence he helped to tear down. He built the walls with old 2x6's, put up used plywood and roofed it with fencing.
Here is the completed play house, Alex is still planning on putting in windows, but he painted it himself.
THis is a picture from the inside before the roof was added. The walls were dividers from the church, so on the inside there is space to write on chalk boards.
Here is the walls and the framing.
Alex showed resourcefulness by using these used pieces of wood. He nailed, cut, and painted the whole thing by himself. This is a great project that will be used for years to come.

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