Saturday, September 19

Welcome Jude

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to Jude Thomas. Jude was born on the 17th of september, 3 weeks early, delivered by c-section. He came into this world a little premature as he was considered to have some growth issues, leading our doctor to believe he could thrive better outside of the womb. We really had only a day and a half to think about it, but as you can see from these pictures he is a wonderful thriving baby and we believe it was the right move.

Jude weighed 5lbs and 2.4oz. He was 18 inches long. In order for him not to be sent to the NICU unit, Jude had to crack the scale over 5lbs and he did just that. He struggled to maintain body heat for the first couple of days but has proven to be very healthy and he did not need to spend one minute in the NICU.

I, Aaron, was there for the whole thing and was even able to cut Jude's ambilical chord. I got dressed into this sweet outfit and hoped that no one would confuse me with a real doctor, don't worry, no one did. I was able to be with Heidi for the whole thing.

Here they are checking him out, counting his toes, sucking the junk out of his mouth and making sure he is doing okay!

One of the things we had to do with Jude is to finger feed him. He was a little early, and was not totally ready to nurse. Here we are placing a finger in his mouth and a really small tube next to Heidi's finger where we slowly added some of Mom's milk. We had to do this for only a few feedings until he caught on and was able to do it all by himself. What a sucker.

We had some trouble getting pictures at the hospital, but I did a pretty good job myself huh?

Mom and Jude needed lots of rest, but the nurses were all impressed with her ability to care for the little guy. This isn't mom's first rodeo though huh? In order to keep Jude's temp up, Heidi and Jude did a lot of skin to skin sleeping.

I still needed a few lesson reminders. All thoses nurses are nice ladies, even when I needed a few extra pointers.

On day 2 the kids were finally able to come up and visit and hold little Jude. They were so excited! When grandpa told Abi she was no longer the baby in the family, she punched grandpa right in the gut, she is not going down with out a fight. Abi and all the kids love their new sibling. I think he loves them, but you know, time will tell.


Lori said...

Congratulations, he is so cute. He looks like Abby in one of those pictures. Let us know when you are up to company, we would love to see him. God is so good.
The Sunklers

Anonymous said...

What a precious little gift from God! I love the photo of Heidi & Jude cuddling/sleeping. Blessings, Ranell

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are blessed. Give Heidi a Squeeze and lots of help!!! It takes a bit to recover after a C-section.
Love to you and your family,
Bob and Sheri

Darth Pastor said...

We're so happy for you both! Give our love to your whole family from ours. -Dustin & Heather

Katie said...

Congrats you guys! What a sweetie you have there. Can't wait to see him in person. Be sure to call me if you need anything!

Anonymous said...