Monday, November 8

Jalepeno Pickin'

I was gifted a bunch of peppers.  We got some fresh jalepeno peppers, fresh cayenne peppers, some gypsy peppers and some green peppers.  I cut up and froze the green peppers and the gypsy peppers.  I'm planning on using those in stir fry and spaghetti sauce and what ever.

If you know me, you know I LOVE jalepeno peppers.  I love them on my nachos, on my burgers, on my ham sandwiches, in my eggs and with my peanut butter fudge (okay, not my fudge but you get the point).  So, I took an afternoon and AJ and I canned all of these peppers.  I already opened a jar (though they should sit for a few weeks to absorb the vinegar and seasonings) and they were AWESOME!!!  I'm telling you this:  I'm doing a bunch of these next year!!!

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