Sunday, December 19


After today I am really struck at the difference in personalities of my children as infants.  Jude is way different than any of our kids, even AJ.  I (for whatever reason) thought that Jude was a boy, so was AJ, they will be about the same.  Not so much!  No, Jude is much more destructive than AJ.  AJ was rather quiet, Jude is rather LOUD!  Jude is more destructive and likes to figure out how things work.  AJ on the other hand did a great job of being a copy cat, he would do the same things you would do.  Jude simply tears things apart to see how they work.

It is so awesome seeing my children grow and change, what an incredible gift from God.  I can only image the joy that God gets by watching all of us change and grow as well.  It's so cool being a dad.

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