Tuesday, July 10

God's Word and God's Creation

I had a great last couple of days. On Monday evening I arrived in La Pine, OR at a great friends home. We had a splendid dinner and then traveled to a look out at the top of Round Mountain. We met the couple stationed at the Look Out, they have been volunteering/working for the Forest Service for more than 16 years. What an incredible sight it was, a 360 degree view of amazement. We arrived just before sunset, as the sun was dropping behind the mountain horizon.  Joe and Shannon graciously allowed us upon their perch and gave us a tour of their home for the summer. 

The expanse of the sky was brilliant and God's amzaing picture perfect artistry was breath taking.  I walked around the scenic view over and over again, taking in the vastness of the world that was at my finger tips.

The next morning we rose to smell of bacon and then spent some time in the 51st Psalm.  As beautiful as God's creation is, God's Word has depth, beauty and expanse.  The Psalms come to life as we read them together, and apply them to the lives of our churches and more importantly, to our very own lives.  We then proceeded to the top of a mountain that overlooked the twin lakes, Paulina and East Lake.  The road to the top was narrow and windy but when we reached the top the view went on forever. 

The lakes were clear enough to see to the bottom of and the jagged rocks challenged a few of us to climb.  (I'm not one of them).  There stood a tree, growing from the rocks beaten by the elements and yet the expression of this tree was of strength and beauty.  In life, we too face adversity, tough winds but if we allow God to shape our stories, he brings beauty from the rocks and strength through the wind.  His Word is powerful enough to change the hardest of hearts.

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