Monday, February 28

A Hard Weekend

I am blessed by the church to recieve one Sunday off every quarter. We usually use that Sunday to vist other church's to see what is going on there. We love to worship God in a variety of ways, so we were looking forward to visiting a church in Eugene. Well that was a very short lived dream. Heidi came down with the flu late Wednesday night and Cedar was right behind her. Both girls ran High High High fevers and they continue there sickness today, Monday. Karley ran a minor fever Saturday evening and Aaron John ran a HUGE fever Sunday night. It was crazy. Alex and I did what we could to hold the house together but it was no use. With so many sickies it was very very very long weekend. Not the weekend I envisioned for my day off.

We made the most of it. While the girls were all busy on Saturday, Alex, AJ and I washed both cars and cleaned the laundry room. On Sunday we hid out watching NCAA basketball and played Phase 10. Early on Sunday morning I broke out the guitar and sang some worship songs and we spent a lot of time this weekend praying for all the sick people in our house.

Well, I hope we are on the mend, but you never know.


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