Monday, February 28

Karley Turns 5

The big day is here and gone, but what an exciting day (or two) it was! We celbrated here in Cottage Grove on February 18th and down in Myrtle Creek on February 19th. The craziest thing, everything was pink! The silver ware, the cake, the dress, the punch and of course the decorations. She was so very excited and now she is 5.

Karley loaded up on gifts and clothes. She even recieved about $30 to put into her savings account. Her favorite of all the toys, usually the way it goes, is her BIG Birthday balloon. It follows her around the house everywhere. She can now be a cook as she also got an easy bake oven from her dad Steve. Were not sure about letting her use the real oven yet though.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of her special day. She loved every minute of it and she's looking forward to next year's Purlple Party. So save your purple.


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