Friday, September 23

Wedding In Idaho

I had a great honor offered to me, to marry Tom and Jen Heninger. Jen was just a Sophmore in high school when I was her youth minister in Payette, ID, some 6 years ago or so. During that time, I had the honor to marry off her sister Carly to Sean Doggit, they now live in Payette with three beautiful boys. What an honor it has been to see these kids grow and now, only left is brother Art. None of us are certain if he really has a chance though, but we are all hopeful.

So, with Heidi way way to pregnant to travel and a family event happening in Mrytle Creek it was only right for me to go alone. Then, with AJ being at the in between stage of needing a lot of attention and carrying around, I figured I should be nice and take him with me. Besides, Grandma and Grandpa would love him, all to themselves. So we did it, we traveled alone.

I must say, a man traveling with just a young child, recieves a lot of attention. People offering to carry my bags, and even the security wanting to help me with putting things back in my bag. I must say I'm going to consider this sort of traveling again. I got to thinking that I was either given pitty as a single father, or given pitty because I looked like a fish out of water.

Then, we boarded the plane. AJ was so amazed and so in awe, he was more than willing to obey every request so he wouldn't lose such a privilege as traveling on an actual air plane. He was so good through the whole flight everyone on the plane complimented him. He love taking off and landing, cause it was "fast." What a great traveling buddy.

The wedding was beautiful and AJ enjoyed all of the time he had with Grandma and Grandpa Earlywine. They loved having him around and according to them he was a perfect gentleman. When ever AJ was bored he would just grab his umbrella stroller, push into whatever room Grandma and Grandpa were hanging out in, prop himself into his stroller and say, "walk." Grandma said she took him on 4 walks a day. How cute.

We had a great time, but it is good to be home.


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