Monday, October 3

Family Update

Well, lots of crazy things are going on and it seems that it's also all non-stop stuff too. We have been working hard at fixing up the interior of the house for the new baby. As if the baby is really going to care, but Mommy sure will. We drywalled the laundry room, added an utility sink and also opted to buy a new washer and dryer when our dryer died. We then re-drywalled the front room and bought flooring for the kitchen dining room and living room. I promise to show all of you the before and after pictures as soon as it is done.

The crazy thing is, we ordered this new flooring in about 8 weeks ago and just recently did they call to do the install, with our next on the way, it kind of makes things nerve racking! Then, after we have all done this, our poor van breaks down. Do you happen to know what a catalytic converter is? I do know the cost of one of those is way way way too expensive. So, now our van sits at Herbs automotive waiting for a part that is arguably worth more than the van is. Well, now I guess I have to drive it till it dies.

Well, with all of this going on, I can honestly say, I'm not bored. I have plenty to do and plenty on my plate. I also know, it's only going to get worse, so strap in and hold on!!!!!! Oh yeah, go BRONCOS!


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