Tuesday, October 18

An Absessed Tooth and a Fairy Without Feet

Today was actually a very difficult day for Karley. She has been living with a dead tooth for some time now and today was the day for its ultimate removal. She was very brave and I must say it was very very difficult to watch that little girl go through so much pain and when all was said and done, she now has a beautiful gap in the front of her mouth. Since she has joined our family that tooth has had a major problem, but up until a few weeks ago, we had no idea that it was a dead tooth. It has sat in her mouth like that for over year but as with all things it was beginning to cause a major problem. Problem solved, tooth gone.

Aaron John has also been having a rough time. He has conceded to the fact that his sister is here and here to stay. Really that means very little to him as long as he uses his charm to manipulate his father. Every whine, every pout and every cry is directed toward me. I used to think maybe he liked me more, but today I realized, sure he loves me, but he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants from me. His dad is a sucker.

In some ways that leads me to this story. It is well after bed time and I have just finished tucking in Alex for the night. Don’t forget, I’m a sucker so, when Cedar starts calling my name, I respond.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”, I will spare you the continual repeating of my name.

“Yes Cedar,” I answered.

“Um, um, um,” she paused, considering all of the different reasons she could come up with as to why she called me into the room. “I don’t like this song,” as twinkle twinkle little star played in the back ground.

“It will be over soon,” I informed her.

Karley, recognizing the stupidity of the conversation brought me back to reality. “The tooth fairy hasn’t come yet,” she announced.

“Have you gone to sleep yet?” I questioned.

“I’m trying.”

“Well, you have to go to sleep first,” I told her.

To this, Cedar had to pipe in with her ten cents on the issue as with most issues. “The tooth fairy doesn’t have hands or feet,” she informed. Ah ha something I had never thought of.

“Is that so,” I said holding back my laughter. “Well try to go to sleep girls.”

“Oh Daddy,” Cedar says.

“Yes Cedar.”

“Um um um my foot hurts.”

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