Tuesday, October 18

We Are Finally Home

Well, we have made it home and everything is peachy around here. The kids are happy to see us and it is nice to be together as one big family. Our van has been in the shop for a couple of weeks now and so we were priveledged to go home in my 1988 Dodge Ram truck. How exciting. It almost felt like this was our first baby. Mom, Dad and baby sitting across the bench seat of the truck. How cute huh?

Grandma Bay did a wonderful job in our absense and had a million wonderful things to say about Alex in our absence. He did the dishes, helped with the kids and was an all around joy. What a man Alex is turning out to be.

Now we prepare for Grandma and Grandpa from Idaho. They will be with us for a week as get ready for life without help. The church has provided us with meals every night from various families and we so blessed to have such a wonderful church family. We love all the company that we have had and we love our new BIGGER than ever family.


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