Tuesday, October 4


Every once in a while I get on my soap box, and well, this is my blog so I can get on my soap box every once in a while, now can't I. I have recently been discussing with our youth about truth and sure enough, I have come across many articles and there are all sorts of opinions on truth. So, how do we define truth? I believe truth is simply the facts conforming to the reality around us. The truth is, water is wet. I know this to be true because I have touched water. I believe we can use this same concept when dealing with the truths about God.

First of all, lets "face the facts," no matter how much I can show God to be truth people still have to decide to believe it and ultimately put their faith in him. For instance, the truth about drugs is evident, they are harmful, they change your personality, they lead to many negative things. We all know this. Drugs promise more than they deliver. From day one in school and from our parents we are taught how harmful and damaging they are, yet day in and day out people fall into the lies and deception of drugs. Sadly no matter how strong of a case is made for God, people still have the choice whether to believe it or not. Just as countless drug addicts avoid the truth of drugs, countless others avoid the truth of God.

First, lets face the truth and the reality of creation. Logic deems that in order to have something, you must have a creator of that something. No one walks on a sidewalk and assumes that is the way it has always been. By walking on a sidewalk we have to recognize that someone put it there and took the time to put it there. So, with this world we live in, there had to have been a begininng. By the simple fact that the sun is constantly depleting, we cannot logically say that it has always been around. So, simple logic leads us to the understanding that this earth did not just appear, that is the truth.

So, lets try to make sense of our alternatives. The big bang theory also hold very little water. This theory is based upon two particles that collide at such a velosity that they actually create instead of destroy. Two fundamental problems with this idea spring to mind. First of all I have never seen a collision that has brought about a creation. The faster you send things at one another the more destruction is involved. Secondly we still must answer where the two particles originated from. The truth is, that just doesn't make any sense.

Secondly, lets try to understand relative truth. If truth is relative, what is it relative to? To truth? The simple question about truth being relative would demand that there is some absolute to make it relative. So in reality we must either say there is truth absolute, or there is no truth at all. Many of us, especially in high school, lived under the assumption that we could cheat truth. We would lie to our parents about where we had been, or lie to our teachers about the homework we completed, all the while knowing what the truth really was. Truth does not and cannot change from person to person, from belief to non belief. Ultimately there is a truth and we try hard to ignore it and hope it goes away, just like we did in high school.

The truth is, the truth is out there. We our a part of it every day. If the truth will set us free, why do we hide from it. The truth is, one day we will all be faced with reality. When we die we will all come face to face with the truth. On that day will all your ducks be in a row, or will you still be trying to hide from it?

So, that's my soap box. I don't live a life of delusion and it's a whole lot easier that way. I don't have to lie to myself any more. The truth, it's a release, it's a burden lifter and when we come to that reality it all makes sense from there.


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