Thursday, June 1

How are those Kids Anyway?

They are fine, trust me. In fact it is down right crazy to think of how fast they are growing and how much excitement they bring to our lives. Alex has been doing awesome in baseball. He is the first baseman and has been hitting the ball harder and harder every game. He has worked great at catching the ball and is more and more accurate with every throw. He is loving it! He also bought a video game system with mostly his own money! We are really proud of him for saving so well and for working hard at not spending his birthday money. He is almost done with school and we get set to home school him this summer we expect him to excel at all the things he puts his mind to.

Karley has been working hard at reading and can put together sentences and has been spelling some basic words. We are so proud of how she has grown. She has even been working on memory work and has done well at her memorization. Cedar has also been working on spelling and is really having fun learning. She is getting more and more brave every day and has been quite the crazy kiddo. AJ is getting more and more and more verbal. He really thinks he is a big boy and will tell you how big he is. He has been soooo much fun lately. Abigail is such a trooper, she is on the cusps of crawling and has been showing so much personality she is a blast. We have such great kids!!!!

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