Thursday, June 1

A New Page in Life

Are you kidding me? Has it really been since April that I have spent time blogging? Well, I must say my life has turned a little crazy, okay, a lot crazy. I have been doing the duties of two pastors at the church and I am really excited about the way things have been going. I have recently accepted the position as the pastor at the church here at the church of Christ. It was a pretty bizarre chain of events that has led us to this point in time in our lives, let me elaborate:

About two months ago I had a chance to visit with a close pastor friend of mine. I was stuck with the question, do I apply for the job or not. He left me with some great advice, advice at the time that I was a little skepticle of, but as it turns out it was great advice. He advised me not to apply. He let me know that if the church really wanted me to lead, they would ask me to take the position. I wasn't quite sure if that was the way things worked, but I decided to take him up on the advice. I never applied but about a week and a half later, the elders of the church offered me the position and May 21st, the church voted 96% approval, an overwhelming number.

So, here I sit. I am excited about the possibilities but I am also faced with the reality of the situation too, a reality that hit me square between the eyes a week after I accepted the position when 4 long time members of the church passed away. In fact, this weekend I am doing two more services. I also have the responsibility to get a church excited about ministry and to try to change a trend of negativity from the community. I have been preaching through the book of Romans and we have faced a lot of tough issues head on as a church. It has been something I would not change for the world.

I also brought in an intern for the youth ministry of the church for a six month period of time, he will be here through November and I think he is going to be doing an awesome job. Our theme as a church this year will be "Expressing our Faith Through Love." Everything that we do as a church should reflect that thought. I am so jazzed about getting the church on the same page and working very hard at developing a sense of unity and excitement. What an awesome CHALLENGE!!!!

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