Friday, November 30

No one knows what the nose knows

We have had a very interesting last couple of days. AJ placed a 6mm air-soft gun pellet in his nose on Thursday afternoon at around 3pm. He found it on the ground put it in his nose and told Mom, "It's in my nose." Off to the doctors office and about 6 hours at the Cottage Grove hospital, no luck. Friday, we arrived at the Ear Mouth and Throat doctor at 8:30am, and after hours in a waiting room, preparing for surgery, AJ finally had the pellet removed and we were home by 6:30pm. What a fun and wild weekend. Not exactly the weekend we were looking forward to, but it was definitely exciting!

Here's some pics from the fun.AJ getting ready for surgery, playing with the phone.
YEAH it's out!!!!

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Darth Pastor said...

Dude I so did that when I was a kid too! All I remember is the bright lights from the doctor as he stuck tweezers up my nose to yank it out.