Thursday, December 13

Pictures from our Christmas in Idaho

We stopped in Portland on our way to Boise. We had planned on going to Olympia, WA to visit friends but with the flooding, we were forced to stay in Portland and head to Boise early. So, we enjoyed a great visit with Aunt Terry, and were the last guests in her home before it was remodeled.
On our way to Idaho, we stopped at Multanomah Falls to check out the sight. It was so foggy that we could not see the top of the Falls.

We had our Christmas on Saturday, here are all the grand kids sitting in front of the Christmas tree. We had a bunch of fun.

Here is Abi and Mackenzie. They are sooooo cute together.

Here is me and my mommy.

Grandpa John and Abi, playing with AJ's toy!

Aunt Amy and Cedar.

Even after many years, you can tell we are family. Eric and Asher with Me and Abi. Both of us and our youngest children.

We had some snow! Here, Alex is trying to collect enough snow to make a snowman.

At least there was enough for a snowbaby.

We all went bowling!

Cedar gives new meaning to the bowling "split"

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