Tuesday, October 28

It's My Birthday and I will whine if I want to. . . .

I made it, 32. Happy Birthday to me. The last week or so I have been fighting kidney stones, and I have to be totally honest, they suck. I had a simple one on Tues. of last week, then the BIG one hit, I was down until yesterday. I ended enjoying part of my sat. in the ER while they hydrated me and let me get a couple hours of needed sleep.

I back though and feeling a ton better today on my birthday. What a day! I won at Bi-Mart, tea and then it was free taco day because someone stole a base in the World Series, so I took the whole family out for a taco!

This was the cake the family made for me, what a great fam! Happy Birthday to me.


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Heather said...

Happy birthday :P