Thursday, November 6

Halloween 2008

I would hate to classify myself as a loser but I have not done really well at updating this sight, if you have not figured it out, I have my spurts. Well, I will not promise you anything, but here is a picture from Halloween.

We spent the morning of Halloween in Mrytle Creek, Canyonville area. I know that you are supposed to trick-o-treat in the evening, but we did it all in the morning. We had to have Alex back up in Cottage Grove to go to a youth event. By the way, the youth event was incredible, there was great speakers and lots and lots of fun!

For Halloween we had the 3 kittens who lost their mittens and a couple super heroes in the form of Batman and Superman. Alex was really proud, it is difficult to find a costume in his size that you don't have to rent from a costume shop, so he got on making his costume a couple weeks ago. He created it from the ground up. His batman hat is paper mache' and he sewed on his cape himself (with help from mom).

We had a great Halloween and feel blessed by all of our family.


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