Monday, January 5


Here is an update for those who care:
  • Okay, so the sump pump has been resolved and replaced.
  • The sink has been fixed and updated.
  • I have a new grand scheme for the upstairs tub that should be fixed soon (I hope).
  • Roof will have to wait, but I'll get to it on a sunny day.

I forgot to mention.
  • My car's trunk leaks.
  • And the van back door leaks.
So. . . I still hate water.
I do have a plan to seal up the leaks in the vehicles though.

As for more complaining:
  • The power chord for my computer went kuput.  (I find it interesting how somethings quit working or break but batteries always die, how sad.)  So, as I send away for some power the pictures will not be available till then.  Nutcraker pictures are coming though, I promise!
It's 2009, do you have a New Years Resolution?  Mine is simple.  STAY AWAY FROM WATER!


Alexis said...

Sheesh, you have got your work cut out for you. I was thinking about offering a refreshing glass of water, but then....

Katie said...

I'm with Lex, sit back and sip some nice cold, ice water...


Sorry for all the water troubles.

Katie said...
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