Tuesday, February 10

Alex's Bed is Complete!

Here is Alex's bed, it is about 5ft off the ground with his desk beneath.  I have since put up a rail and he has a ladder, a picture of the finished product is coming.  He loves it!

Alex can almost walk underneath his bed.  It is made of 2x6 and 2x4's.  Alex helped to sand and stain the pieces.
There is a brace that runs from the corner to the wall, there is no post involved.  The cross brace puts all the pressure on the 2x4 mounted on the wall.  That 2x4 is mounted with 3 inch lag bolts, basically if the bed comes down, so will the wall!
Here is another picture of the cross brace, it is mounted on a stud too.  I can actually hang on the corner of the bed it won't move an inch.
Alex is helping me hold a board in place and level for me to mount.  It was a very fun project and AJ's bed was next!  what great fun we have!

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